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Dec 23, 2012 12:00pm EST
is a social disability. one thing we have to do a better job and michael milbury's essay speaks to this is how do you educate the entire community about disabilities like autism or learning disabilities so it's not up to the person whose art is struggling to up were already struggling with social hierarchies to make sure everyone else knows this is the autism looks like. this is why kids with autism may respond differently. this is by someone with autism may have a tick or do behaviors that i don't understand but i see them have been. how can we get kids more aware of differences among them and say we're going to support this person and not ostracized them or pick on them because they're different because now we understand what's going on. >> host: is some of this about there being an petite? talk that. >> guest: absolutely. this is why are bush for the film was what it was and wanted to bring the same approach the book. we feel this is an issue so many of the snow is going on. we know numbers are extraordinary of kids being bullied. but it comes down to is understanding what it me
Dec 29, 2012 10:00pm EST
guest host michael kazin and coeditor of dissent magazine. this week oliver stone and historian peter kuznick discussed "the untold story of the united states," a companion book to their documentary series. in it they argue that u.s. leaders must chart a course for the future by first facing what they call the country's troubling history of drifting further away from its democratic traditions. >> host: hello peter and oliver. i've taught with peter at american university. let me start by having both of you talk about the theme of this and how you wrote it? >> guest: i was invited in 1996 to go to this class at american university researching oliver storms america and one of the classes i was very popular. i went very impressed with it and the range of students and afterwards peter suggested that there was a great story about the atomic him in the atomic bomb always fascinated me because i was born the year after it was dropped and it was in new york city, the center of the world and my father was republican and a conservative. he served in world war ii as eisenhower said the bom
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2